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Question - What is a “COATING MIX?’

Answer - It is usually a mix of ingredients that are combined together to form a coating that is applied to a food. An example would be combining salt, sugar, and bread crumbs together, and then applying them to a fish fillet.

Question - How do you apply a COATING MIX to your food? 

Answer - First you are going to want to create an EGG-WASH. This is the combination of an egg, a small amount of milk and a pinch of salt together in a bowl. Whisk the ingredients together and you have an EGG-WASH. Next you will want to dip your food of choice in flour, shake off the excess flour and then straight into the EGG-WASH. After that you will place your food directly into a small bowl of KABOOM COATING MIX. Make sure to put a generous amount of KABOOM COATING MIX on each piece. You are now ready for the deep fryer or pan fry.

Question - Is there a difference between COATING MIX’S?

Answer - Absolutely. Each Coating Mix is made with different ingredients and use a different base. They will carry a different taste and have a different texture depending on which food you prepare in it. Some will have almost no taste but a decent crunch. Some will have a little taste but no crunch. KABOOM COATING MIX has explosive flavour and a perfect amount of crunch in every bite.

Question - How much COATING MIX do I put on?

Answer - This is customer specific. There is no wrong answer as the more you put on the bigger the crunch. Some people like to do a DOUBLE COAT. This would mean doing the process twice. The trick is to refrigerate the first coating mix for 10 minutes to let it set a bit before doing the second coat.