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     Hi, we are John and Joe Yule and this is the story of our family business.

Joe (father) invited John (son) over for dinner one day in June of 2018 to try an old family recipe that Joe had been quietly modifying. From that very first bite we knew that this particular recipe was not just unique but something extraordinarily special. 

Later that evening we couldn't stop talking about how delicious and satisfying the meal was. Shortly after the idea of starting a business was discussed and just like that we were on our way.

Over the next few weeks we made a number of samples with this new recipe and gave them out to family, friends, and just about anyone that we could get to try it. The feedback far exceeded our expectations and our excitement for the future grew.  

Now that we had some hard data, positive feedback, and multiple requests for more samples, we decide to registered the name of our new company 


 In the following weeks we tried to consume as much knowledge as possible on what it takes to start and run a successful business in the wholesale food industry. We spoke with as many small business owners as we could to try and avoid making mistakes if possible.

Our first bag of KABOOM COATING MIX ready for sale was created in late December of 2018. However if not for the incredible actions of Freda (mother), Kelly (daughter/sister) and Teri Yule (daughter/sister) this would not have been possible.

Freda single handedly affixed a front and back label on over 13,000 bags of KABOOM COATING MIX. To be honest, this was one of the tougher jobs we had and mom crushed it.


                KODY MIXX

KRIS P. KOAT                          KODY MIXX


Our first retail vendor agreed to carry KABOOM COATING MIX in January 2019. This was one of the most exciting days in our short but eventful history as we were officially selling to the public.

     Every second has been amazing and we're extremely grateful to all who participated in helping us along the way.