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What makes someone want to change up that old and tired recipe? Are they bored with the same old thing? Probably but if you probe a little farther and ask other questions then you might just get to the heart of it.  

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Is this recipe too time consuming to prepare? Do I have these ingredients already in my house or do I have to make a trip to the supermarket? Are the instructions easy to follow? These questions are asked in thousands of households every single day and while they are all great questions the answers will be different for everyone. 


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What makes a great recipe? I believe that for a recipe to be successful, it needs to be easy to follow, have simple every day ingredients, and actually taste fantastic. If even one of these are off the mark by just a little, then it falls apart. People like trying new recipes but when it becomes complicated or requires an exotic herb, spice or other ingredient then it becomes like work. It flat out sucks when you have to travel to the supermarket, in order to hunt down that one or two missing ingredients.  


Cooking for many people is a passion, a way of life. For many others it is just a place to have fun experimenting, however for most people it is a task or job that is required daily. This is why having fast, fun, and super easy recipes make a lot of sense. 


My Top 3 Reasons to Choose a KABOOM COATING MIX



  1. Flavor, flavor, and more flavor. This reason is without a doubt the most important reason in why you should change up that boring old chicken breast, or fish fillet by adding a coating mix. KABOOM COATING MIX delivers a powerful taste bud shattering experience that will leave you with a smile on your face from ear to ear. The flavor enriches your senses and you will be immediately satisfied with your choice.  
  2. Crunch/Texture would be the second reason and it is also the reason that makes you enjoy this product and takes it to the next level. Flavor on its own is great but when you can add crunch/texture to the mix, then you have a winning combination. Best results will be yielded by deep-frying your chicken but it can still deliver a decent punch when baked or pan fried.  
  3. Time. Time is the one commodity that we can’t get more of. Therefore, we must use it to the best of our abilities. We can save some time by using KABOOM COATING MIX instead of building some crazy elaborate sauce because it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare your meat. This allows you to get back to things you love doing much quicker. 

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You can add KABOOM COATING MIX to just about any meat or vegetable that you desire. You will find that it will enhance and change the way you consume your everyday foods. Try it for yourself and you will see.

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